December 20, 2018

Our dear friend Phil was stabbed by a white supremacist, an inch from his heart. Corpus is raising money to help Phil out while he recovers. Music by Cary Canary, Cater No Wild, Ermine, Euth Group, grp.txt, Lil Lavedy, & Self Neglect.

Please consider donating to Phil’s gofundme: https://tinyurl.com/philbenefit


December 12, 2018

Corpus Arts was excited and proud to host a night with Canadian comic book artist and activist Sophie Labelle, author of the hit webcomic Assigned Male. A collaboration with the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico, Sophie had a meet-and-greet and led a Q&A about being a trans woman artist and social activist.

December 2, 2018

Ramonda Holiday is a local trans woman R&B singer who has found a space for her voice at Corpus Arts. Check out Ramonda’s new music video, You Know Who U Are. See if you can spot Corpus or our staff members in the video!