Why Become a Member?

Member benefits include:

               +Access to the Corpus library | Our library houses books on LQBTQA2+ and queerness, feminisms, politics,                   visual and performing arts, spirituality, animal liberation, and ecologies

               +Access to pdfs of zines | Members can request pdfs of any of the zines we have in our zine library

               +Access to multimedia workstation | Make mix-tapes, play records, listen to music at our workstation

               +Access to self-publishing materials | We have paper, art supplies, collage materials, cardstock, book                   binding materials, and a letter press accessible for member projects

               +Access to our copy machine | Copies for members are 5¢ per page and 20¢ per page for non-members

               +Ability to work with Corpus Arts to plan events | We can collaborate with you to put on events that you                             propose in our space

Your membership helps insure our books and media if they become damaged, update our catalog so that we can bring you new material, keep our space stocked for self-publishing purposes, and maintain our space. Most importantly, you will be contributing to a space for Albuquerque’s queer creative community.

Membership: $20/year

Support Corpus Arts

Why Donate to Corpus?

Corpus Arts is a nonprofit LGBTQA2+ library, gallery, and performing arts space in Albuquerque, NM. We are dedicated to promoting queer literacy and visibility through art, knowledge, and access. We provide a safe space for people interested in LGBTQA2+ and radical theory and praxis to learn, act, make, and think. We also utilize our space to showcase literary, visual, and performing arts, and host educational, community building, and DIY events to give voice to our community. Donations help sponsor events such as Gathering of Queer Nations, an annual celebration of LGBTQA2+ Native American artists, musicians, and educators. By donating to Corpus, you help to keep our space open and active.